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Smokey Mountain

Smokey Mountain: Turning Trash into Treasure (ADB)

A multipurpose cooperative is thriving in Manila's impoverished Smokey Mountain through recycling and other profitable enterprises.

Vietnam Biodiversity

Promoting Livelihoods, Protecting Forests (ADB)

Coffee farmers in Vietnam's Central Highlands join in efforts to protect forestland and biodiversity.

China: Labour Pains

China Labour Pains (Al Jazeera English)

Change is sweeping through China’s workshops and factories, where workers’ demands are growing as they realise their value to employers and the Chinese economy.

Unrest, suicides and strikes have forced some companies to increase workers' wages and benefits.

China Seeds of Revolution

China Seeds of Revolution

As the People’s Republic of China celebrates its 60thanniversary, the fate of its land remains an unsettled issue. The question of rural land rights strikes at the heart of a struggle over how the party seeks to define itself, and the nation in the future. It brings the Central government to a crossroads: will it continue further down the path of economic reform, or hold true to collective ownership, one of the few remaining pillars of modern China’s founding father, Mao Zedong?