A Variety of Formats

Longform, natural sound pieces, live shots and promotional projects and more

From CNN to Al Jazeera, from UNICEF to the Food and Agriculture Organization, Steve Nettleton's work has covered tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons as well as focused on the personal lives of individuals caught up in sweeping change

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  • State of the World’s Forests

    State of the World's Forests (FAO) Forest cover has been shrinking at an alarming rate with a net loss of 3.3 million hectares per year. Much of it, about 80%,  is cleared…

  • Iraq Recon Mission

    Recon Mission (CNN) Members of the US Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade discover some unexpected encounters during a routine patrol in northern Iraq.

  • Unnatural Selection

    China: Unnatural Selection (Al Jazeera) Thirty years after China introduced its one-child policy, there are growing calls to scrap the controversial system as the nation faces new social dilemmas. Today, China's fertility…