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Sichuan Earthquake, Remembered

Sichuan Earthquake, Remembered

A video prepared for a UNICEF event to thank donors and supporters of quake-relief efforts in Sichuan. The video and photos were shot by Diego Herrero and others. Edited by Steve Nettleton and Diego Herrero.

Ma Yan: the Girl Who Wanted to Go to School

Ma Yan: "I want to go to school"

Ma Yan, who as a schoolgirl wrote a diary that gave the world an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of families in rural China, now prepares to move to France to study. We look back at how her diary came to touch so many people around the globe, and at how the legacy of her experience is helping more young children in Ningxia stay in school.

China: Citizen Lawyer

Citizen Lawyer: Bian Guanghua

The number of lawyers in China has risen from a few thousand to 230,000 in the past 30 years. However, in many places, licensed lawyers remain scarce. As a result, unofficial "citizen representatives", with little or no legal training, often fill the gap.

One of these is Bian Guanghua. In the city of Zibo, in the eastern province of Shandong, Bian takes cases that many official lawyers won't or can't take

China: Whispers of Change

Whispers of Change (Al Jazeera)

As it prepares to appoint a new generation of leaders, China's ruling Communist Party faces increasing pressure to change. A series of scandals has chipped away at the party's image of unity and a weakening economy threatens to raise public dissatisfaction.

In this episode of 101 East, we look at the significance of this once-in-a-decade handover and explore the different visions for changing China's leadership. Will China stick to the status quo, or will it reform in a planned methodical manner or in a flurry of protests from a disgruntled populace?